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Welcome to the home page of "WINGFOLD" the mailing list devoted to the life and work of George MacDonald (1824-1905) the Scottish novelist, poet, theologian and author of Phantastes, Lilith and numerous other works of imaginative fiction.

Because of the diversity of George MacDonald's writings a wide variety of people are attracted to his work. Subscribers to the list are asked to be patient with one another, and show respect, even when they disagree with some of the things that are said.

George MacDonald is an original Christian thinker and we are free to discuss all aspects of his faith and life. I would only ask that we recognise that each of us is at a different stage on the journey and are often coming from different directions or backgrounds, faith or otherwise. It is my hope that this list will be a place where we can be honest (it's OK to disagree) and encourage one another without seeking to impose our own personal opinions on anyone else. No one has all the answers - we can learn from each other!

The list is largely self regulated but the Wingfold Charter is intended to clarify what we are about and where the boundaries are in our discussions. You will quckly discover that we are a relaxed and friendly group of people but, nevertheless, it is useful to have a reference point and this is it!

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